Algeria - Cederberg

This was the a spur of the moment little camping trip that turned out to be a pretty epic weekend. The wine maker and his wife decided we needed a little camping get-together. Along with the jewellery maker, we all decided on Algeria as the place to go.

Lauren and I had never been there (believe it or not) and we couldn’t have been happier when we got there. As with most things run by Cape Nature, the campsite was pretty awesome and very well run.

We arrived late on Friday afternoon (after fighting our way out of Cape Town traffic yet again) to a campsite that was not even 20% full. As all camping enthusiasts can agree, this is the dream. To have the whole place basically to yourself.

After finding our site and setting up camp we settled in to the evening with a braai and a few beverages. The only down side of the early evening, was a crew of youngsters (fuck, I can’t believe I’m saying this. I’m still young dammit) who started playing music from their cars thinking they were at a trance party. They eventually calmed down and the music did stop but it reminded me that no matter where you go, you have to think of other’s around you. Not everyone comes to a campsite in the middle of the Cederberg to listen to trance. Anyway, our site was situated next to the little river/stream that runs through the valley and with nobody on either side of us it felt like we had the place to ourselves once the music stopped.

The next morning’s sunrise crept down the mountain into the valley like a giant window blind being opened. It reminded me of how much I love mornings when I’m camping. Most of the time I’m up at sunrise (although a lot depends on the night before). After everyone was up we decided on a little bacon and eggs to go along with our coffee to start the day.

The plan for the day was to find a spot on the river and chill out. Which we most certainly did. Add a floating doughnut lilo, a little afternoon braai with a few beers into the mix and the day was pretty much perfect.

As the evening slowing settled in, the winemaker started the potjie (I do love a good potjie) and we settled down with a few G&T’s and some wine around the fire.

Earlier in the day we had discovered that something had pee’d against one of the tents during the night? There are leopards in the mountains and we all speculated what it could have been.

Little did we know that as we were eating our lamb potjie around the table, a spotted genet had come sit right next to us looking for some food. We later saw that there were two of them that were roaming up and down the river looking for some food. It was pretty amazing to see these guys up close running up and down the river. A pretty special sighting if you ask me. Guess we now know what pissed all over our tents the first night.

The Sunday morning of a weekend away is always the worst morning to get up. Knowing that you have to pack and leave is always sad but the day turned out to be perfect weather wise. After a slow morning we finally rustled up some breakfast and started to break down the camp. We decided before we left we needed to go have a swim in the larger rock pool at the top of the campsite. The pool is amazing with green grass on the one side and a deep rock edges on the other to jump off, I can see why this was were most of the camp site ends up everyday. It’s the perfect place to cool down and chill out.

Overall the weekend was exactly what we were looking for. A neat, clean and quite place to get away and relax. We will definitely be back again.

ps. We ended up seeing only 1 new bird over the weekend and it turned out to be our 200th bird on our list.

Pretty stoked. Anyway, as you were.

Visual Diary

Fact Sheet:

Kilometer Traveled (total): 222km


Accommodation: Algeria Camp site

New birds ticked off the list: 1

  • Pririt Batis (200th Bird)