Bushmanspad, Bonnievale & Wine on the River, Robertson

Drinking wine on the banks of the Breede River in Robertson doesn't sound like a bad way to spend a weekend. So when our friend Tiffany mentioned this is what she was going to do for her birthday weekend, we were in. 


Having been to Africamps in Pat Busch the month before I was a little bit bleak to be going back to the same area so soon. But that was put to bed very quickly when we arrived at our accommodation for the weekend. The cottages at Bushmans Pad are set high up on a hill on one side of the farm and the views (especially the sunsets) are crazy.

We arrived on Friday evening just as the sun was setting. The minute we got out the car I was super stoked to have come back to this area of the Western Cape. It was spectacular. After a braai and a few drinks, everyone decided to turn in and get ready for the weekend ahead.

I decided to stay up to watch the meteor shower (didn't happen) that was supposed to be visible and try get some good photos of the stars. It's safe to say it was a total failure. No meteor shower and the photos were crap. Oh well. Hopefully, I will be able to show you some cool photos of the night sky soon. 

After breakfast the next day we headed out to the Wine on the River festival. I really was expecting a chilled vibe with a few people relaxing on the lawns of the river bank with a few stalls selling wine. Well. I was wrong. This was a properly organised and very well attended festival. Just finding somewhere to sit and relax was difficult but we eventually found a spot behind the ice cream van right next to the river. Strategic I know. 

The day was brilliant. We lounged on the river bank with the wine flowing. We watched the weavers making a nest in front of us (got some good pics) while listing to the live band play their tunes. There were helicopter rides, food stalls and of course a booze cruise on the river. This proved very popular and we had to wait pretty much the whole day for our trip (you have to book in advance). Although I must admit, the wait was worth it and the late afternoon booze cruise was the best part of the day.  

Overall it was a very cool festival that caters for everyone. It doesn't matter what your intention for the day is. If you want to have a jol and dance and drink the day away, you can without feeling like you are disturbing anyone who just wants to chill under a tree, take in the views and scenery and, well, drink the day away. Either way, you will won't be disappointed. 

Quick tip: Get there early, get a good shady spot and do your booze cruise at the end of the day. You will have a amazing day. You are welcome.


Back at Bushmanspad that evening, we sat around the fire watching the amazing sunset (which I got a little timelapse of you can see here) and helped the winemaker get the potjie just right. He was as meticulous with the potjie as I'm sure he is with his wine. 

I was up very early the next morning as always. The sunrise's on this farm are spectacular and the light beaming on the vines and trees in the morning is something pretty special to photograph. You can see my photos of the farm below in the visual diary. I love walking around early morning taking pictures and enjoying the views. The farm is beautiful and well maintained.  

After breakfast, Lauren and I decided to swing past Bontebok National Park on the way home to do a little "game" drive and bird watching. We checked out the camping and other accommodation for a future stay in the park. It turned out to be a successful drive as we managed to tick of the Grey Heron and a few other new birds off our list. We even got to see the Korri Bustard in the distance. A bird that is not often seen in this area at all. (It was very far away in the distance, so it could have been something else, but Lauren and I are convinced) Anyway, I'm sure we will see plenty of these in Kruger on our trip next year.

Overall a successful trip and another amazing weekend road trip. 

November we are camping for real (no more glamping) in the beautiful town of Greyton at a place called Oewerzicht. We have heard so many good things about this place and are amped to get there and show you.


Visual Diary


Kilometer Traveled (total): 453 km

Map: https://goo.gl/maps/nCQWLEk2Uq12

Left home: Friday Afternoon

Back home: Sunday Evening

Total: 3 days

Accommodation: Bushmanspad Wine Farm

Bottles of wine consumed: Let's just say a lot shall we.

New birds ticked off the list

  • Black-headed Heron

  • Black Harrier