Cpt - Drakensberg Trip - Gariep Dam

After what was the most terrifying drive of my life. (Pro tip, don't drive on the N1 between Beaufort west and Colesberg between Christmas and new years. How I made it out alive I will never know. This route is something I will never forget.)

We finally arrived at Forever Gariep Camp and Resort in the late afternoon with heat cranked up to its maximum. I must admit even though this overnight stop was more out of necessity, I actually was looking forward to this stop. I had never been to the Gariep Dam and was exited to see what it was all about. Looking back now I really wish we chose another place to stop over at. The Forever Gariep Camp and Resort was packed to the brim with holiday makers, all family and most from the Free State. I have never seen so many caravans, bakkies with "the okes/Manne" hanging off the end, in all my life. 

Dont get me wrong the whole place is extremely well run, clean and the bathrooms and campsite facilities (although old and out of date), are really well maintained. For small kids this is a paradise with the pool and rolling lawns and areas to ride your bike all day, it's a family heaven. 

For Lauren and I trying to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life this was a nightmare. We found a site close to edge of the dam and set up camp. After a brief exploration around and a walk to have a look at the dam, we settled down to get some food going and make sure we were in bed for the very early start the next day. 

The sunset was something pretty special that night and it reminded me that no matter where you are, nature can put on a show at anytime. Unfortunately the wind licked up in the late evening and by the time the sun set it was blowing at almost gale force. I had to abandon the fire and cook on the Skottel just to be safe. I wasn't keen to set the place alight.

Anyway the next day we were up early, packed up camp and set off for the destination that we really came for. The Mahaai Campsite at Royal Natal National Park on the foothills of the Drakensberg. This place has fast become one of my favourite places of all time. 

Visual Diary

Fact Sheet:

Kilometer Traveled (total): 371

Map: https://goo.gl/maps/4WfxkGSHLHQ2

Left: Tuesday 28th 

Accommodation: Forever Gariep Resort

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