Cpt - Drakensberg Trip - Karoo National Park

We travelled to a few different places (5 between Cape Town & The Drakensberg) over our 2 weeks away, I have decided to write a piece on each of the places rather than one long boring post. (you're welcome) So this post is about the first leg of our trip which was from Cape Town to Karoo National Park. 

To say I was excited was an understatement. We had been looking forward to this trip for ages and even did a short "dry run" in November to test our new gear.

So we were amped and ready. Except we were not ready, not even close. The first thing you need to understand was that we had moved at the beginning of December and the aftermath of this nightmare (don't even ask) pushed our preparation to only a couple of days before Christmas and we had to make do with what we had. 

We eventually left behind that stress and early morning on the 27th we drove towards the Karoo. The feeling of an early morning departure in a new vehicle packed with everything you need for 2 weeks is a very special feeling. Goose bumps thinking about it. 

Besides a quick panic attack on the N2 by your truly, (something about batteries and a SD card for the Go Pro. I laugh now but I nearly turned back), the actual drive was smooth sailing. This was until my front bumper nearly came off at 130km/h on the N2 in the middle of nowhere. Nothing a little duck tape and some cable ties can't fix, but shit, it doesn't make for a relaxing enjoyable drive that's for sure. From then onwards until we arrived home 2 weeks later, the bloody bumper was all I could think about while driving. 

Anyway, once we got to Karoo National Park we had a couple of hours to spare (you can only check in at 2pm) so it was the perfect excuse for a quick little game drive and stop off at the pool picnic area to cool off. To our surprise a lot people from the area make use of this pool for a braai and picnic over the holidays. Seems the park is more that just a place to take a drive and see wild animals. It's an actual place to come enjoy yourself if you live close by. 

On the way in to the reception after the pool and picnic, we took a quick pit stop at the bird hide at the entrance to the camp. Right on the edge of the watering hole we got to see Namaqua doves, Weavers, Sunbirds as well as a few Swamphens. Not sure if there were any new sighting but either way we had a good time hiding away form the the heat as well as the birds. 

Once settle into our air-conditioned cottage we had a snooze and settle in to relax for the afternoon and evening. 

I wish I could tell you an interesting story about the rest of our stay at Karoo but that's about it. (We are booked for a proper trip here in April, so we will tell you a little more about it then) We woke up early, pack the car up again and headed of for a quick game drive. I was pretty excited to maybe something interesting. The day before we didn't see much except for a lonely zebra or two. But unfortunatly I didn't see much in the morning either. A few nice birds here and there but no big animals. 

We ended turning around once it got to late and headed out to our next stop Gariep Dam in the Fee State (I know, I know. I had the same reaction when Lauren told we we should stay there on the second night.) Where the Fuck is that you ask? Well it used to be called Hendrik Verwoerd Dam. (Thank God they changed that name). It's the largest storage reservoir in South Africa, so how bad could it be? Well you will have to find out next time when I eventually get around to writing about it. 

See you then. 

Visual Diary


Kilometer Traveled (total): 458km

Map: https://goo.gl/maps/eQbgHXfPH3q

Left home: Monday 27th 4am

Accommodation: Karoo National Park Cottages

New birds ticked off the list

  • Barn (European) Swallow

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