Cpt - Drakensberg Trip - Mountain Zebra National Park

Mountain Zebra National Park was never on my radar as a place I wanted to go. I always thought the other bigger and more famous parks were a lot better and much more beautiful. This was the reason they were more famous right?. I was wrong. 

Having been to quite a few national reserves and parks, I rate this as one of the most beautiful. It has everything. Mountains, rivers, plains and some amazing sunsets. It's a must for any wildlife and outdoor enthusiast. 

The drive from Mahai in the Drakensberg to Mountian Zebra was a pretty big one. 8 hours and by the time we arrived I was done, finished. But shit was it worth it. 

There is something amazing about driving through a park for the first time. I feel like an explorer breaking a new frontier and I usually want to go everywhere and see everything immediately, but we settled to going to the reception and booking in to our cottage. 

The cottages are pretty old school compaired to Karoo and others and are need of some tlc. Having said that they have everything you need, including big bedrooms, balconies lounge TV's and so much more. The setting is just a bit dated. The only really shit part, like all national parks, is that the showers are just terrible. The shower heads are always broken and the water pressure is non existent, but if you can get over that, it's very comfortable and very nice. (there are a few very new cottages that you can book and they are amazing, modern and views that make them very very worth it.)

We settled in, made a braai and planned for our early morning game drive. 

Unfortunately during our stay we did not see one big cat were there. So on that front I was a little dissapointed, but you win some you lose some. The closest we got to a big predator was a beautiful big brown snake eagle. (which was cool to see anyway) 

We loved the 4x4 trails and it was the first time we did something like that. I'm now hooked. I will go way off-road whenever I can and the old Fortuner (Betty the Beast as we call her) handled it like a pro. 

My favourite drive is the one out to the left of the campsite and up into the mountains following the river bed from the bottom. The valleys are beautiful and full of wildlife and the view from the top is spectacular. We happened to arrive and the top late in the evening with the sunsetting and the colours were pretty special. 

As I mentioned before it's a beautiful place and I would love to go back very soon. 

The next leg of our trip from Mountain Zebra to Oudtshoorn was also a long one and I could wait to get to the Africamps and relax. 

Visual Diary

Fact Sheet:

Kilometer Traveled (total): 742

Map: https://goo.gl/maps/TPuDLZwTriA2

Accommodation: Mountain Zebra National Park, Cottages. 

New birds ticked off the list: 9

  • Collared Sunbird

  • African Pipit

  • Red-billed Quelea

  • Spike-heeled Lark

  • Northern Black Korhaan

  • Ground Woodpecker

  • African Black Duck

  • Cape Longcla

  • Brown Snake Eagle