Oewerzicht - Greyton


November was the month we tested all our new camping gear for the long road trip we're planning at the end of the year to the Drakensberg. 

We had just bought our new tent and extension and recently upgraded a lot of small gear like tables and lights etc. We decided we needed a dry run and to rather look like idiots trying to figure things before the actual road trip. (and believe me it was needed)

Our good friends had told us about this amazing campsite just outside Greyton called Oewerzicht. They loved it so much and raved about it constantly that we decided it was the perfect testing ground. 

I loaded the gear into the bakkie (which took me quite some time) and headed off on a Friday late afternoon to Greyton. Our friends Jean (the winemaker) & Kate were joining us on the Saturday night as well. 

Our first mistake was arriving a bit late to Oewerzicht and immediately started to realise we were running out of light. Quickly. So the rush and panic ensued as we tried to put this tent up for the first time. Surprisingly it went up without much hassle. (I had only googled how to put this thing up once before, so I was pretty happy with myself).

We settled in, made a big fire and got ready to braai and relax for the weekend. 


Only the next day watching the sunrise (I'm always up very early when camping) did I realise how beautiful the campsite actually was. Rolling green grass covers the campsite which sits on the banks of the Riviersonderend river. Each site has electricity and a half drum braai. (which can be moved around to anywhere you want). Most of the sites have some kind of lapa or wooden structure for shade. We happened to get site 2 which turned out the best site (in my opinion) because it sits on the righthand side riverfront and borders with large trees providing shade from the very hot summer sun. 

The bathrooms are clean and modern. And the big bonus for the guys is that all the men's showers are essentially "outside". Each shower has either a wall or roof section that is open to the elements. They are still completely private, but you can see the sky. One of the showers has no roof at all, so staring up at the stars while showering in the evening was something I found pretty special. 

After lounging around in the morning, Jean and Kate arrived around lunch time so we decided a little lunch time braai of boeroewors rolls was in order. Huddled under the trees for shade, had a few drinks and relaxed. Which is very easy to do at Oewerzicht. 

That evening Jean and I messed around with my new camera gear and we did some long exposure shots of his bakkie and the roof top tent. It came out pretty well and I'm pretty pleased I managed to figure it out. 


The next day I was up early and got some pretty cool timelapse footage of the sunrise with the GoPro. I love this camara and hopefully I can get a lot more in the future to share with you guys. After a long birding mission around the farm by myself (while everyone else was still sleeping) I was pretty hungry when I got back so we decided to braai for breakfast. Why not!

Jean took out the cast iron pan and we got started. The breakfast took about 2-3 hrs and we loved every minute. There is something very relaxing about slowing cooking a perfect fry-up over a fire on a perfect summers morning. No rush. Just relaxing. It reminded me why I love camping and why we have decided to do as much of it as possible. After breakfast we had a swim in the beautiful cool calming river and then slowly packed up. 

Besides me forgetting the cooker tops for the gas bottle, it was a perfect weekend with everything going according to plan. The campsite was amazing and if you have kids and are looking for a place to camp, this is it. There was a constant steam of kids (and a few of us old timers) on tubes and lie-low's floating down the river having a jol. They even have a tractor rides as well. (for the kids, not the old timers)


Over all, Oewerzicht was an amazing place with so much to offer. They have a beautiful cottages, a luxury tented camp site in addition to the normal camp site. So there is always something for everyone. I highly recommend it. 

ps. incase you were wondering, the testing was successful we are ready for our long Drakensberg road tip.

Wish us luck.

I have a feeling we might need it. 


Visual Diary


Kilometer Traveled (total): 300k km

Map: https://goo.gl/maps/Adv3wSs7UV32

Left home: Friday late afternoon

Back home: Sunday Evening

Total: 3 days

Accommodation: Oewerzicht Camp Site 

New birds ticked off the list

  • Steppe Buzzard