Riverview Cottages, Carlitzdorp


This tiny little farm on the banks of the Gamka river just outside of Carlitzdorp might have changed my life forever. 

The silence of the Klein Karoo and peaceful life the people live at Riverview farm, has left a lasting impression on me and made me question what I really think is important in life.

I know, it seems a bit exaggerated and soppy but, in all honesty it has. 


Lately I've been so wrapped up in other people's idea of what the "perfect life" is, that I forget about what I want out of my life. This place made me think about what I really want and the scary thing is that I am now realising the life I thought I wanted is not even close to what I really want. 

A simple road trip with my wife has changed something inside me forever.


Life doesn't have to continually be rushed and stressed and fast. Hustling like an idiot everyday. For what? Life here is simple and quiet, peaceful and glorious. (I'm not saying there is no stress, there is, it's just a different kind, somehow manageable)

I need to start doing the things that make me happy and start exploring the things that I'm interested in to see where it takes me. I have always been a creative at heart and now I need to find that person again. This is why this very site was born. A place to document our journey across South Africa. But I think it's a lot more. It's to document my personal journey to finding myself.

This all started in the tiny cottage on top of a hill overlooking the Gamka river in the middle of nowhere, but it felt more like home than anywhere I had ever been.

I remember the only sounds of birds chirping and the occasional airplane miles above followed by their jet-stream streaking across the deep blue sky of the Klein Karoo. That feeling, that sound is what &Wild is all about. A connection with nature and the outdoors.

So I have nothing more to say about Riverview Cottages except that was truly was life changing and nothing more for you to do but go book a weekend there now.
I promise, you won't be disappointed. Who knows it could change your life as well.

I didn't get to take that much video footage there however, I put together a short video of our weekend which I hope you will like.


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Thanks for reading. 


Kilometer Traveled (total): 744km

Left home: Saturday morning

Back home: Wednesday Afternoon

Total: 5 days

Stops along the trip: The Rambling Rose - Saturday Lunch

                                 The Country Pumpkin - Wednesday Lunch

Accommodation: Riverview Cottages 

Bottles of wine consumed: 5 bottles of Sijnn and a few beers (not too bad)

New birds ticked off the list:

  • Martin, Brown-throated

  • Canary, Yellow

  • Waxbill, Common

  • Bee-eater, White-fronted

  • Bunting, Cape

  • Cisticola, Desert

  • Cormorant, Reed

  • Darter, African

  • Eagle, African Fish

  • Woodpecker, Cardinal

  • Thrush, Cape Rock


Visual diary